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Multiple Teams · Review of Information Covered at Parent Meetings

For those who missed the Winter Sports Parent Meeting(s) earlier this month, below is some of the material that was covered by Olivet Community Schools’ athletic director Matt Seidl. Parents also should contact their child’s coach and request material from the break-out sessions.

  • Physical Exams: To get on the field/court/course for practice or contests, all student-athletes must have a current-year physical on file in the Olivet High School Athletic Office. That means on or after April 15, 2016. No exceptions.
  • Academic Eligibility: To be academically eligible for athletics, students must avoid having an E or three Ds during grade checks (which occur every three weeks). The first offense results in probation. Continued problems means the student-athlete becomes ineligible. NOTE:  A student-athlete is automatically ineligible if he/she has two failing grades.
  • Attendance: Student-athletes must be in school a full day in order to practice or play. Exceptions include school business, funerals and doctor appointments (which require a doctor’s note upon returning to school). When a student is more than 15 minutes late for school, he/she is required to receive approval from an administrator in order to practice or play.
  • Chain of Command: Parents should encourage student-athletes to communicate with coaches on their own when concerns arise. If a parent has concerns and wishes to meet with a coach, he/she should wait 24 hours before scheduling a meeting. Once a meeting is set, the student-athlete is required to attend the meeting as well. If those meetings prove unsatisfactory, the athletic director will make himself available to the parent and student-athlete. NOTE:  While emails and texts are acceptable for general communication between parents and coaches, they are not recommended as a mode for discussing concerns. Concerns should be discussed via face-to-face meetings.
  • Transportation: If parents are planning to transport student-athletes who are not their own children to/from an athletic event, they must fill out an “Application for Parent-Designated Volunteer Driver” form and submit it to the OHS Athletic Office.
  • Dual-Sport Athletes: If a student-athletes are planning to participate in two sports this winter, they must communicate that desire with their coaches immediately. They also must designate a primary sport and meet all of the expectations of that team.
  • Handbook: All student-athletes are expected to follow the “Co-Curricular Code of Conduct” as explained in the OHS and Olivet Middle School student handbooks, which can be found online at olivetschools.org.
  • Staying in the Loop: If you want to know what’s going on with OHS & OMS athletics, check out the following…
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