August 9, 2013

Random “Thoughts from the Seidlines” as I enter my second month on the job as Olivet High School’s assistant principal/athletic director…

  • I cannot walk on the OHS stadium field enough these days. Each step reminds me of the benefits of FieldTurf, the community’s commitment to build such a beautiful facility, and the fact that prep sports are just a few days away.
  • I really admire the dedication of the Olivet Athletic Booster Club. Communicating with Tammy Huffman, Carol Sobleskey, Kristi Walkowski, Sandy Ploehn and Mary Campbell rejuvenates my faith in volunteer work. Note to self: do not take them for granted!
  • The turkey sub (minus tomato) at Tim’s Pizza is outstanding. I see myself eating 50-100 of them this year alone.
  • This job may be one of the best things that ever happened to me. The people I work with, the students, the community members – you name it, the interaction has been outstanding. Let the honeymoon continue!
  • That was a great talk today with Olivet Junior Eagles Baseball president Dana Higgins – especially the part about what it would take to start up a high school bowling team. Hmmm…
  • Okay, I love Tim’s Pizza and will likely eat there once a week. But where is the local Jimmy John’s?
  • Speaking of the booster club, wait until you see the new Power Squat Pro machine they are purchasing for our weight room. That’s a big-time addition!
  • If administrative assistant Lauri Janousek’s value to the athletic program were measured by how many times I have said “I’ll know more when Lauri gets back,” she would be off the top of the chart. That, of course, probably means she’s off the top of the chart.
  • With head coach Kelly Offrink starting her second season and the additions of Traci Corey and Ashleigh Miller to her staff (pending board approval), the volleyball program appears to be on the rise.
  • Block “O” vs. new-look “O”…I’m interested to hear what some community members think. One thing’s for sure, though. The students seem to love the new-look “O.”
  • I probably should stop thinking about Tim’s Pizza and Jimmy John’s and spend some time in the weight room myself – especially considering all of the Olivet teachers/coaches who are active weightlifters. Excellent role models!
  • I wonder if all new Olivet Community Schools’ employees receive the kind of support that I have received in my first month. From Brooke Judd and her administrative staff, to Rob Bobeda and Michelle Fisk in the high school office, to my predecessor Tom Sowles (and everyone in between), the assistance has been amazing. No excuses on this end!
  • Go Eagles!

— Matt Seidl