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October 6, 2013

Here are some things that grabbed my attention as I wandered the “Seidlines” this past week…

  • One member of the quartet that delivered the National Anthem at Thursday’s junior varsity football game requested that her name not be announced to the crowd. Instead of giving announcer Todd Turner only three names to read beforehand, however, the quartet listed four names – one of which was fictitious. It makes me wonder if the mystery person is part of a singer protection program or something.
  • When Galesburg-Augusta’s varsity football team scored its first points of the season against Olivet Friday night, the reaction was both predictable and impressive. It was predictable because the touchdown pass from quarterback Blake Patterson to Andrew Forrest sent the Rams’ players, coaches and fans into a frenzy – and rightfully so. It was impressive because the Olivet fans gave the Galesburg squad a sincere standing ovation. That was some of the greatest sportsmanship I have witnessed in a long time.
  • The cross country teams broke out some attractive orange shirts last Tuesday prior to their Kalamazoo Valley Association jamboree at Schoolcraft. At first I was a little confused, given the fact that our school colors are green and white. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that wearing bright orange is a pretty good idea if you are spending time in wooded areas this time of year.
  • Speaking of the woods, nearly everyone on the visiting side at Maskill Field in Galesburg Friday night suspected that the horrible smell in the air was the result of a dead animal just inside the tree line near the west end zone. While I joked that they probably should re-name the venue Roadkill Field, it eventually dawned on me that our own stadium is often tainted with the stench of either a pig farm or a sewer pond. So no more throwing stones from my end…
  • I have clearly identified a furniture-moving company to help when it is time to move the family closer to my new job. I will call them “Four Coaches without a Truck.” Of course, I am referring to Olivet’s own Gabe Priddy, Brian Dartt, Heath Otto and Eddie Collins, who easily carried our new 550-pound Power Pro Squat machine up the gymnasium stairs and into the weight room. I was going to help, but, see what happened was, there was not enough room to squeeze in between the guys. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.