September 1, 2013

Thoughts from the Seidlines…

  • I have watched performances on YouTube. I have seen some of the awards. And I have heard the hype from just about everyone in the community. Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing the Olivet High School marching band when it takes the field at the varsity football home opener on Friday, September 13. I need to confess something, too. Tired of hearing Saline athletic director Rob White call his band “the best in Michigan” and my oldest son brag about Dexter’s band, I told both of them that they need to check out the Marching Eagles before running off at the mouth. They both want ocular proof, to quote Othello, so my camera will be rolling!
  • Olivet’s young and exciting volleyball program finally makes its home debut this week when it hosts Schoolcraft on Wednesday and a four-team invitational on Saturday. As with most teams, the Eagles are going to experience ups and downs this season. But there is something about this group that tells me the future is bright. The varsity squad is full of underclassmen, and the freshman class as a whole is very talented. Look for some serious improvement as the season progresses.
  • Where were guys like Doug Thering and Mike Spoelstra during my 30-year coaching career? One of the time-consuming tasks when coaching is analyzing and compiling statistics. It can be even more of a grind when you have to watch game film yourself just to get accurate numbers – and that’s how I spent most Tuesday and Friday nights during my coaching days. So you can only imagine how envious I was when Mr. Thering walked up to me 20 minutes after Thursday’s varsity football game and handed me five pages of printed-out stats. These guys, to say the least, are unsung heroes for the football program.
  • Even though I have known Dean Peters for only a month, I cannot stop thinking that his quiet retirement as Olivet’s head football coach deserved much more attention. People tell me all of the time, “That’s how he wanted it. He never wanted the spotlight on him.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy – and also consistent with his legendary status. However, when you lead a program for 26 seasons, win 67 percent of your games and qualify for the playoffs nine of the last 10 years, some type of celebration is in order. Stay tuned for more on this topic.
  • I was going to give considerations for my “All-Name Team” a week off, but that was before Silver Dotts scored a touchdown for Olivet during the junior varsity football game Wednesday night. Silver Dotts? Seriously? You don’t even find names like that in books or movies. The smooth wide receiver not only is guaranteed a spot on the All-Name Team, he might end up being the “Name of the Year.”

— Matt Seidl