September 21, 2013

Thoughts from the Seidlines…

  • As I observed a couple of the Powder Puff football practices this past week, these three questions came to mind: 1) Are any of these formations legal? 2) How serious will Sunday’s games actually be? 3) Didn’t a few of these girls just run six miles at cross country practice?
  • Hats off to the individuals who created lively student sections at our two varsity volleyball games last week. From the singing leadership of Ryan Nail to the body paint on Shane Loney and Tyler Masters, the groups provided energy for the players and definitely made our opponents a little uncomfortable.
  • It was nice to see the developing relationship between the Olivet High School volleyball program and the Olivet College program on display last week. Not only did the Lady Comets take time out of their busy schedules and attend our junior varsity contest against Athens Monday night, they were impressive with their level of support. They were large in number, loud in spirit, and even joined the Eagles during a post-game meeting.
  • Leave it to a sophomore to call me out for not recognizing an important component in the Olivet varsity football team’s offensive success. Dustin Holden, who started at right guard in place of injured junior Malachi Salyers Friday night, politely reminded me via Twitter this morning that the offensive line is playing very well. He is right! The Big Nasties, as Holden’s hashtag labeled them, have paved the way for a 33.8 points-per-game average. The Eagles’ other starters are Todd Candelaria, Hunter Hoffman, Kiv Kramer and Chase McGill.
  • Since every community has its own ideas and twists when it comes to Homecoming, I’m anxious to experience Olivet’s version of this event. From everything I hear, it is a hectic week and an even crazier Friday. If that’s the case, let the games begin! My only concern, to be honest, is finding a pair of green pants to match Principal Rob Bobeda’s attire during last year’s parade.